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New Septic Intallation

These are actual on the job photos of a septic tank installation. At B. Dolan Septic we take great pride in our work and only install the newest and best on today's market. Whether it is a drainfield restoration utilizing a the Terralift machine, cleaning the debris from a seepage tank, installing a new graveless Infiltrator leachfield or a totally new installation, we will only recommend what is necessary. We don't invent problems, we only solve the ones that exist. We will only do what is necessary to get the job done right. That saves you money.

Dolan Install
Tank Lowering

Here is an actual concrete septic tank being lowered in to the ground.

This is the septic tank after it has been placed in position and is being covered with fill and topsoil.


B. Dolan Septic

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